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May 29, 12:10 PM [GMT -5]

Holding the plug follower as shown in the photo is a SURE way to cause the top pins and springs to come out.

As a locksmith, I often get calls to correct people's mistakes like this.......

January 24, 5:36 PM [GMT -5]

Moved into an older home, entry door had no key. If the key is lost how do you remove the lock cylinder to set the new pins?

August 13, 12:26 PM [GMT -5]

Will a door knob function with the cylinder lock removed?

I have some old door knobs I would like to make use of. The keys are no where to be found. They would be put into use if the lock mechanism could be disabled, to prevent lockouts. I understand to rekey the door knob is an option, but what if I don't need a lock? I would be able to reuse the knobs for closet doors. Thanks.

October 07, 12:32 AM [GMT -5]

I found this website to get rekey sets.


June 06, 4:39 PM [GMT -5]

Great. I like to be able to do things myself. Lifetime student of learning. Also thanks for the website to get the kit. I will be rekeying about that many locks so it is just the right size!


May 17, 10:37 AM [GMT -5]

I'm not a person that usually blindly recommends products on the web, but it looks like this company sells kits for rekeying up to 6 locksets for $10.95: "CHANGE-A-LOCK" http://changealock.com/

May 13, 2:36 PM [GMT -5]

my hopes were dashed! i was so excited to be able to re-key my locks! alas, i was not able to find an inexpensive re-key kit for either schlage or defiant (looked online at home depot, lowes, one local locksmith). cheapest one was $90, i think it was a 'professional' set i.e. for many locks as opposed to one lock. the locksmith, however, will charge me $10 to rekey the lock if i bring it over so that's what i'm going to do. very reasonable. i assumed i'd pay that much for a kit.

i wish there was a 'thumbs-down' option.

any possibility of including sources and approximate prices for the supplies?

merci and mercy!

April 28, 3:30 PM [GMT -5]

This is getting added to my project binder!

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How to Rekey a Door Lock

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