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April 25, 5:55 PM [GMT -5]

Mmm nice, I'd like to use these instructions to get rid of my old Victorian fireplace and get a gas one installed. Thanks.

January 30, 7:04 PM [GMT -5]

I am working on installing my corner fireplace but am having trouble figure out the angles of the base. My dimensions are the same as this fireplace and dont know what to cut angles of the base. Any hep would be appreciated.

November 25, 12:37 PM [GMT -5]

I installed my own gas fireplace years ago and have continued to enjoy its use. I am lucky enough to also have a wood fireplace in my basement familyroom for options.
Energy savings is not true, this is an additional gas utilizing appliance; if you try to heat your home with it, but as a space heater in the occupied area and the ability to turn the whole home temp down it is helpful. These also work during power outages.
Many homes have large high ceiling areas, remember heat rises, put a blower on the unit to make it more efficient. It is more asthetic and convenience in most cases, than than overall function.
Many of the GFP (gas fire place) units are rated for Zero to minimal clearance from walls, always read the framing requirments and local codes prior to installation.

I say go for it, but know your skill set very well, this is a very invasive home project that includes framing, drywall, finish work (Tile, Stone, mantle, etc.), electrical and gas line. Patients is a virtue, do not expect to blow this out in a weekend and expect to shell out a few bucks for the unexpected (exhaust ducting is not included in the GFP price)

November 16, 9:10 AM [GMT -5]

I am a general contractor and have had this done in many of homes at the homeowners request. As far as saving money on your heating bill that is not true at all.
Everybody that has one installed has use for the first month than they got their gas
bill and after that they hardly used they gas fireplace again. The unit might heat the area
in front of it as this picture shows but that's it. The farther you walk away, the colder it gets. It is mainly for looks and that is all. If you can afford it that's fine but it is not a money saver by no means!
Steve C

October 17, 9:35 AM [GMT -5]

Wood framing and drywall is there any minimum distances from the fireplace for these. Wood and fire dont mix very well

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How to Install a Gas Fireplace

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