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August 05, 8:09 PM [GMT -5]

I have an old gas furnace around early 70's. It's completely off but whenever it's over 80 degrees, it turns on by itself and blows really hot air. I do replace our filter every month. Since my gas furnace is up the attic. I was wondering if I should just change the thermostat? It's as old as the furnace. LOL! or does the furnace have a heat sensor that triggers to turn on automatically and blows hot air? Need help please.

December 09, 8:57 PM [GMT -5]

Thanks for the tip about the the front panel connecting the blower motor switch. As soon as I put it back on and pressed the red on/ off switch I got a green LED light and it started immediately! Great info for a late Sunday night fix!

Thanks again

October 03, 11:12 PM [GMT -5]

I could have saved a lot of money if i had just known about the batteries! I'll be checking here before I call any repairman from now on. I still don't know where to find the battery though. They hide it pretty good.

December 20, 3:32 PM [GMT -5]

Thank you for the tip!

November 17, 4:20 PM [GMT -5]

Remember that there are usually 2 service disconect switches. One at the top of the basement stairs and one with in 6 feet of the furnace or boiler. check the side of the equipment and the csiling directly above the equipment for the 2nd switch

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