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September 09, 9:12 AM [GMT -5]

I live in Australia and we use the metric system so I would love all the measurements converted! And I would also love to know exactly which board is used for what in the cutting list!!

April 22, 1:50 PM [GMT -5]

An excellent project. I made a potting stand but without the shelves and waste basket. Next time I'll add those.

I would recommend to anyone working around tools of any kind to use protective glasses.

February 09, 1:13 PM [GMT -5]

Great project, and simple to complete. As other commenters have said, pay close attention to the orientation of the legs before you cut the notches in them for the rails, and be ready to make adjustments to the widths of the end boards on the benchtop, as they are not correct in the plan

Also, buy the wastebasket and the pan first - you may need to make adjustments to the supports for those parts if you can't buy those with the exact dimensions specified in the plan.

December 07, 3:32 PM [GMT -5]

I need dimensions to build a cedar potting bench

August 07, 3:13 AM [GMT -5]

Awesome project! Completed it in a weekend and then an short afternoon to stain it by the girlfriend. She loves it and the strong joints help her keep a ton of stuff on it. I'm fairly new to the build your own stuff department, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it with these plans. The cuts were very specific in dimensions, but could use some more information on how exactly to get them....or more pictures.

April 27, 8:37 AM [GMT -5]

We just made this and it's great - time consuming but well worth it. Don't make the same mistake we did - we ripped the 2x6 in half (for legs) and instead of trimming to the required 2 1/2", left at 2 5/8" and consequently threw out the dimensions - we used lots of glue and it's still very sturdy. I didn't want a 'soil' bin (I wanted the bench a little narrower) so we shortened by one top slat, on left, and added the remaining loose slat to the 'grate covered dirt catcher'. We used cedar mainly, but couldn't get 1x so used clear pine. Cost was just under $200 Cnd.

April 25, 11:32 AM [GMT -5]

I made this over the weekend. Fantastic project! Something to keep in mind... be prepared to make some adjustments with the bench top end pieces (P). They are listed as 1" x 5-1/2" x 23" in the cutting list but don't need to be 5-1/2" wide. You can see in the photo and the explosion chart that they should be narrower. With that easy adjustment in mind, this project is a breeze. It's a clever design -- my wife appreciates the potting soil container, sliding lid and sliding grate cover!

March 26, 5:31 PM [GMT -5]

I picked up plans for this bench a few years ago and built three of them, including two for a charity auction. It's a beautiful piece and the "hidden" areas are a great feature. One thing to think about is your location - I moved the slatted section to the far left closer to where my water supply was. You can locate the three parts of the top section in any order you want depending on where you intend to use it.

February 18, 1:14 PM [GMT -5]

Can you describe how you use the grate and container? Are you supposed to move the grate over the container when potting to catch the overflow soil? Or is the container simply for soil storage?


November 17, 8:48 AM [GMT -5]

FHM Please add over all deimentions to the summary


September 16, 1:33 PM [GMT -5]

watch for the orintation of the front legs when cutting slots.

November 22, 3:16 PM [GMT -5]

I've noticed a few questions about where to find the material list. Under the story title you'll see tabs. One of them is labeled "Step by Step". Click on the Step by Step tab and scroll down to the bottom where you'll find "Additional Information". Click on the items there to download PDF's of the plan, material list and cutting list.

July 25, 11:38 PM [GMT -5]

I don't see the materials list with any measurements...can someone point them out to me please? I would really like to make this bench but not quite sure measurement wise which direction to move. Please help anyone...thanks!

July 19, 4:16 PM [GMT -5]

I built one in 2 weekends using redwood and pressure treated lumber that I stained and sealed. It turned out very nice and is very useful. I found a plastic garden sink that I attached to the open end of it and ran a garden hose to it and it works great.

June 19, 5:44 AM [GMT -5]

Built in a weekend, bought materials on Sat.Pressure treated pine.Then went to my daughter's soccer game.
Put it together Sunday, easy to follow instructions.I live in South Fla. with temps reaching 100 in the summer. Some heavy rain storms, and it still look like new after 2 years. I use it regularly. So many great storage ideas. I also use it as an outside work bench. I just installed a 20'x20' & did all the cuts on the potting bench.

June 09, 8:28 PM [GMT -5]

Unfortunately, I can't find the MEASUREMENTS for the potting bench....

May 06, 12:33 AM [GMT -5]

Completed in a week-end, stain and all.
A gift for my sister in-law, an avid gardener who never had a potting bench. She was as excited with it as I was to present it to her.
I could not have imagined how rewarding, fun and easy the whole process was.
Your pictures and detailed instructions made the difference, ( even with errors showing feet in place of inches in some of the dimensions; which I see, you have corrected).
I used my 10" table saw for ripping, sliding compound miter for the dadoes.
I highly recommend the truly great project.
Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
Murchison, Texas

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How to Build a Cedar Potting Bench

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