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July 11, 12:48 PM [GMT -5]

This is a fun project that is possible to do by yourself with the right tools. I chronicled my experience building my first fence over at Homemaker For all Seasons http://homemaker4allseasons.blogspot.com/2012/07/one-woman-fence-well-not-entirely-part.html

May 12, 1:56 PM [GMT -5]

Good advice on the extra wide gates. I had some trouble moving in a Hottub after the fence was built.

ALWAYS a good idea to apply for a building permit. Most of the time, municipalities have no problem with it and it's good to find out if there are phone and power lines under where you are digging!

June 16, 11:13 AM [GMT -5]

This is a good article to review on how to design a fence but there is not information on how to actually build a fence (i.e. how deep to dig, how to set the fence posts correctly, etc).

September 05, 9:10 PM [GMT -5]

a couple good ideas and barely enough information to build a fence

July 06, 1:17 PM [GMT -5]

A new, federally-mandated national "Call Before You Dig" number, 811 was created to help protect you from unintentionally hitting underground utility lines while working on digging projects. This really important as well, here in Minnesota the frost requires footings at a minimum of 4 ft in the ground in most areas. Your chances of running into cable tv or electrical greatly increase the deeper you have to dig.
I also like the removable panel, and in our previous house we installed double 6ft wide gates for rv or boat storage the back yard.

April 28, 12:13 PM [GMT -5]

Perfect Spring Project


April 27, 4:38 PM [GMT -5]

i like the idea of making a section of the fence removable - thanks!

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