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October 27, 3:11 PM [GMT -5]

I'm surprised someone hasn't commented on this project. If you can afford to buy the materials, this will be a nice and easy DIY project. It will look nice and serve the purpose. Just don't forget to plan it out in advance, you can make drawings to get an idea of how and where you would like your set up to be.

July 12, 10:00 PM [GMT -5]

NO THANKS I'll stick to putting my shelving and screw hooks into wall studs. That way I know the shelves & hooks can take a LOAD. Besides if I'm storing that heavy, it won't be on wire shelves anyway. They aren't built to take HEAVY loads. And also, where did they find white wire shelving CHEAP? REMEMBER: You get what you pay for. The stuff is OK for clothing, lightweight stuff, but anything over30-40 lbs. NOPE
Anything real heavy goes on shelving that sits on the floor, not anchored to the walls. The shelving might be braced to a stud with 3" drywall screws, but the load is transferred to the floor.

July 12, 7:26 PM [GMT -5]

Simpler solution to hanging wire shelves over drywall (this method supports and stiffens the back of the shelf) :

Draw a level line at the height of the shelf. Find the vertical 2x4s. Nail or screw over the drywall (at each 2x4) a 1x2 in. wood cleat at shelf level and at least as long as the shelf (end cleat on a 2x4 and drill holes for end fasteners to avoid splitting). Note: If you plan to paint the bracket/wall, now is the time.

Lay the shelf on the cleat. Use pan head screws (1 and 3/4 in.). Put a screw at a downward angle through the drywall at each 2x4 to hold the back edge of the shelf down.

Put as many metal shelf brackets/supports at each 2x4 as required to hold the weight you plan to put on the shelf.

If the shelf ends at a wall, eliminate the end bracket and put a 1x2 cleat to hold up that end. Notch the end of the shelf so the front end of the cleat ends on a 2x4.


July 12, 3:41 PM [GMT -5]

To say that the white wire shelving is inexpensive is a lie.. i can buy 3/4" OSB for $15/sheet and have it ripped into 4 ea 12" x 8' shelves at the store.. thats a lot of shelves.. cheap. Just gotta fab brackets out of scrap or 2x4s.

Those with damp cement walls.. i would put PT 2/4s behind the plywood vertically on 24" centers first, then screw the plywood to the new "studs".

for hooks, hangers, etc i usually just use a box of 3" drywall screws.. hold your equipment against the plywood, and put a screw wherever is needed to hold it up and straight. Trace it with a black magic marker to remember what goes there later.

March 12, 2:10 PM [GMT -5]

I like the plywood idea too. I would mount the extension ladder at shoulder height so it's easier to remove and replace without bending over.

February 18, 9:58 AM [GMT -5]

This would be perfect for my one concrete block wall in the garage. My problem is that the wall is half underground, and tends to sweat. If I seal the concrete, then install something like this....am I asking for mold issues behind the plywood?

February 16, 8:53 PM [GMT -5]

Great idea for the plywood, I like it. If you have concrete block walls you can still do the plywood you will just have to use concrete anchor screws and some liquid nails. You will have to pre-drill the holes for the screws; some brands even come with the correct drill bit for the job. For the shelving I like the Closetmaid system with the hanging brackets that go into a rail at the top and use adjustable shelving brackets for the shelves. That way you are not stuck on the shelving heights and can adjust them for what you need to store there. Then down the line if you want to change something it is no problem.

February 16, 1:42 PM [GMT -5]

Great idea. I love the plywood idea, as it really makes this flexible. I will say that it pays to be a little careful with this type of shelving as I had it drilled into studs and even then it pulled off the wall when I filled it up with too many 12-packs of pop/soda and water.

February 16, 11:51 AM [GMT -5]

I never thought of plywood. I have a 10 x 14 shed and right now I have pegboard up on the wall. The prolem was the hooks would come of until I wired them to the pegboard Needless to say, the pegboard will come down soon.

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