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May 30, 2:36 PM [GMT -5]

Love the extension ladder idea. With 10 Ft. ceilings, I tried above the garage door, but too hard to get up and down. Moved it high on a side wall, but still not easy to work around the garage door track. This opens all kinds of other options.

On the shelves, maybe they did not suggest a dado channel to recess the brackets to keep it simple, but a dado channel would allow the joint to butt up flush and a pair of deck screws on either side to add strength to the joint. Also the 6 ft length is a bit confusing since plywood comes in 4x8 sheets. Maybe it was a single car garage with out enough space, but on a double car door, extending it to a full sheet seems to make sense.

April 26, 7:00 AM [GMT -5]

Can anyone tell me where the quantities are listed in the "Required Materials"? For example in the Suspended Shelving project you need 12 L Brackets....just would be nice if these quantities would be listed...

May 22, 11:09 AM [GMT -5]

That is some GREAT advice. I took it one step further and used the bike storage system for my extension ladder. I extended the ropes far enough where the hooks will com all the way down to the ground. No second ladder necessary to hang it back up. And, when I need to go somewhere with my extension ladder, I simply drive my van underneath it and lower it right onto the top of the van. Very simple, very easy.

May 21, 1:58 PM [GMT -5]

Found the bracket. google rocks. Sears carries it. Here is the make and model:

Lehigh Group Lehigh Group Wheelbarrow Holder WBH-6

May 21, 1:52 PM [GMT -5]

I can't find the wheelbarrow bracket at home depot or lowes. Is there a manufacturer name and model number available?

February 24, 6:58 PM [GMT -5]

I'm planning to build the suspended shelving this weekend, but holy crap: it's gonna be much more expensive than I anticipated! The plans call for twenty-four 5" corner braces- which at $2 each like the plans account for- is $48 just for the braces! Yet the cheapest I have found them online while researching pricing is $2.77 each- or $66.48 for all 24!

February 20, 12:37 AM [GMT -5]

I am building the suspended shelves on the garage ceiling now to store lumber. Don't forget to put a "dead man" (bracing the trusses) so the ceiling doesn't sag.


September 21, 5:23 AM [GMT -5]

Yes, true garage organizing cannot happen with out one wall of shelving. I have done it in my own garage, and for friends. I buy two sheets of 3/4" plywood, and have the store rip them into 6 pieces of 16" widths. Then I build 2x4 framing at 24" on center. The assembled units are 16" wide and 8' long, with 6 shelves high. I put the first shelf at approx 20-24" off the floor, and then divide the rest appx 16" high. Enough to get a rubbermaid tub into, anyway. I can build this wall of shelving in a morning for about $80, which is a real bargain.

September 20, 5:52 PM [GMT -5]

The problem with this idea is, it really doesn't help the seriously cluttered garage. The one poster who said it's best to go through things with the mindset of tossing/donating anything that hasn't been used in a year or two makes sense. However, my packrat husband and self find that hard to do.

My sister-in-law did something with her garage, though, that made it very easy to store and find things. She had her husband build shelves from floor to ceiling along one side of their garage. Then, she bought several dozen clear Rubbermaid bins with colored tops, using a color code for various items. Red was Christmas, Orange was Fall, Green was for something else, etc. She made sure that each color had its own section, too; no mixing it up. She put certian items at the viewing end that represented what was inside the container (tree ornaments, for example, for the Christmas tree;, etc). That way, it would be easy to see what kind of items were in each bin. In all, I think they ended up with over fifty bins, but she saved herself a ton of time in looking for things when she needed them and she freed up a lot of floor space in her garage. Best of all, it looked pretty, too! :0)

September 20, 4:48 PM [GMT -5]

More like I resolved the garage storage problem. We recently completed a major renovation of our house now that our children have lives of their own. As a result of this renovation, our garage became a repository for the contents of each room as we did the renovation. Needless to say, our garage was a downright dangerous place to navigate through. The final renovation became the garage! Anyhow, You failed to mention one important detail, this one: View each item in the garage with a critical eye and ask yourself the question "when did we last use, wear, play, this item?" If the period is a year or more, sell, donate or discard the item. You might be surprised how much room you have after doing that. We wound up with room for our automobile and I didn't have to sacrifice any room for my woodshop.

September 14, 5:52 PM [GMT -5]

Best thing I've done in years....clean and orgainze my garage. I purchased some hooks and baskets at local DIY store and mounted to wall and got some Ulti-MATE Garage cabinets from a online retailer to be shipped to house and all looks great, I actually hang out in my garage now....I guess a true man cave, just a neat one!!

September 03, 6:56 PM [GMT -5]

I loved the great ideas! I also used a Large Vertical Storage Shed by Rubbermaid. I found it on sale at oneclickdirect.com or go to it directly at http://bit.ly/b6z0aY. It easily fits in my garage without it being bulky. My garage looks awesome!

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