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July 18, 1:23 PM [GMT -5]

I did my brand new garage some years ago with a big box purchased single based epoxy seal, got the manufacturer's instruction PDF from their web site and followed it TO THE LETTER. However they "left out" the instruction that the etched, dried concrete floor was supposed to be lightly dampened again before application. That comment was "elsewhere" on their website. I let it cure for 3 days before driving on it, and it immediately came up under my tires. I tried their duct tape test and it all came up on that, too.

I rented a floor sander and sanded it all off with 20 grit. Then I bought a mail order 2 part epoxy from a heavily promoted and advertised web site that is quite a bit pricier. Eight years later it is holding up fine and only worn under the tires from shear friction.

I just checked and the same PDF instructions are still on that website.

May 14, 11:07 AM [GMT -5]

I used the kit from the bigbox store but I must have had some moisture as a few spots flaked up. Any way to redo the areas or redo the entire 2 car garage with a different product?


September 07, 10:42 PM [GMT -5]

From my experience, both epoxy paint polyurethane coating
are workable on it as well and easier for DIY.

April 26, 11:35 AM [GMT -5]

So if my Garage floor can not pass the moisture test, is there another way to treat the floor to get the same results??

April 07, 8:16 PM [GMT -5]

Just did my second garage floor, suggest using a primer, i used adpolymers ad polymers it it worked beutifuly. came out perfect.

January 18, 4:14 PM [GMT -5]

srmarksman, I believe the problem you might have had is moisture in the concrete. The concrete acts like a sponge and "absorbs" it. If the garage door doesnt make a really good seal, that would make it more prone to be wet underneath the surface I think you should wait until you have a string of dry days in a row before trying to reapply. You could also apply a moisture absorbing material for a few days before applying again.

January 18, 3:50 PM [GMT -5]

I have a peeling/chipping problem. I did my garage floor a few months after the house was built, using the stuff they sell at Sherwin Williams (to keep the concrete clean, I put a large sheet of plastic on the floor to keep car drippings from hitting the concrete). The following winter, a lot of the coating chipped off, all within a foot of the garage door. The following summer, I cleaned the damaged area and reapplied the remaining epoxy left over from the original job. It chipped off again the following winter. The rest of the floor is holding up fine and looks great. Any suggestions?

January 17, 10:07 PM [GMT -5]

I never would have thought red would look this good on a garage floor but it is perfect!

November 23, 2:22 PM [GMT -5]

I did my own garage floor using adpolymers epoxy garage floor coatings. It looked good just using their AD144 primer. I then opted for their AD707 100% solids. A friend usd their AD707LVP which is easier to use but only 93% solids. Nodifference really, my garage was only 400 sqft so spreading the 3 gals was very easy, had plenty of material. Still nice to have the 1/8" squeegee. with 5 lbs of chips it looked good but I wish I would have gotten 10 lbs. Still looks better than any floor I have seen. The urethane is some pretty serious stuff. Make sure yo go thin with it. I had a little left over in pail like they said I should and it was perfect. I didn't use the non-skid but then again its just me and I know how to walk safely on a little wet floor. Easy to clean and looks awesome! www.adpolymers.com sell everything but I gor the rollers from the hardware store. They cost more there but It was too late, I already planned to get them there and already had the materials. www.adpolymers.com has excellent support. Got Mike's phone and texted and e-mailed him at any time and he asnwered.

October 09, 9:03 AM [GMT -5]

No expert, but if trying and learning from mistakes counts for anything...try the clear coat, add the speckling to the pattern you like, reapply clear coat. Numerous 'experts' have told me you don't have to use clear coat on these floors. In my last job I clear coated and personally think the job looks great AND it has been 3 years and still looking great. I'm doing another garage floor next week and will most definitely be adding the clear coat. Good Luck!

September 26, 8:43 PM [GMT -5]

Any suggestions to above "help" question"...PLEASE

September 26, 5:40 PM [GMT -5]

HELP! I just had our garage floor done by a painter while were we gone for a week...Problem is...The Granuals that came with the kit, that you sprinkle on "were not spread evenly across the floor...I have patches "were she "didn't put any"...My question...Can I somehow "add more granuals....Could I put a "clear topcoat(Epoxy) coating over her finished job, and ADD MORE Granules over it? I know paint has to be WET to apply those additives, but "Job is done now!!"...I could have done a better job spreading them evenly...Someone help me!...

August 17, 2:46 AM [GMT -5]

Doing my basement now. Sanding old paint with belt sander first, then cleaning and etching before applying paint. All old peeling, chipped or loose paint must be removed first. Good luck!

May 23, 9:50 AM [GMT -5]

I'm assuming if my garage floor has a peeling painted finish, it will need to be completely removed. Will the acid etching remove the old paint or do I need tp pressure wash it off?

April 26, 10:17 PM [GMT -5]

Works well to epoxy basement floors!

April 24, 8:10 AM [GMT -5]

This looks really cool.

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