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May 12, 3:55 PM [GMT -5]

I just have this situation in four different rooms, but the existing light switch controls a power outlet in the wall. I have room to work in the attic. How should I proceed in order to install ceiling fans with light kits. Can I modify the existing wiring from the light switch or should I add another in order to control the ceiling fan? Thanks!

February 19, 12:53 PM [GMT -5]

I think they are showing this assuming that the second floor is finished. Otherwise, yes, just running the wire through the unfinished attic would be much easier and less damage.

January 06, 5:45 PM [GMT -5]

Yes, why can't you just run it in the attic? My attic is just joists above a sheetrock ceiling with insulation blown around. Can you just run it in the attic and down the wall or vise versa?

August 28, 9:59 PM [GMT -5]

Curious. Why is it that you can't run the wire through the attic? Is it against code? It would be a lot easier and do a lot less damage.

June 16, 3:52 AM [GMT -5]

Good instruction on placing cable in the house. But instead of doing all these hard work, I think underground cable is best for all purposes. I have done that in my house. Only thing to be sure about is the proper insulation. www.cabletiesandmore.com/cable-management-products.php.

May 21, 1:26 PM [GMT -5]

I agree with tdwan 100%.

December 21, 10:42 AM [GMT -5]

Have done this several times in the past, my only suggestion is to make the hole in the drywall a little bigger one side and drill a hole in the middle of the stud to fish the wire through similar to how it is done during original contruction - that way you don't need to worry about an errant nail (even though you have a metal plate covering the wire) and the drywall patch sits down much nicer on the wall! Happy rewiring!!!

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Fishing Electrical Wire Through Walls

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