Electrical Repair

Tips and advice from electricians about electrical repairs you can do yourself.

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  • Extension Cord Repair

  • Follow these simple steps to replace a socket or plug on an extension cord. Your cord will be safe and you’ll avoid the high cost of a new one.

  • Repair a Light Fixture

  • One solution for a flickering light bulb is to bend the tab in the socket slightly upward to assure a better electrical contact. The fix takes…

  • How to Repair a Cut Extension Cord

  • If you accidentally cut your extension cord or power tool cord, save it by adding a new plug and receptacle to the two pieces—a safer…

  • Replace a Phone Jack

  • A dead line or static on your phone may be due to bad wall jack. Replace it in 10 minutes.

  • Fix a Lamp Cord

  • Replacing a damaged plug is easy, but for safety you have to follow proper wiring rules, especially when wiring a polarized plug. A polarized…

  • Fix Underground Wiring

  • Accidentally cut an underground electrical wire? The easiest way to repair it is with an underground splice kit, which uses a rustproof…

  • Diagnosing Appliance Fault Codes

  • When the display panel on your appliance flashes strange numbers, grab your owner’s manual. It may be flashing a fault code that’ll…

  • How to Fix Earbuds

  • Fix expensive earbuds by resoldering broken electrical connections. It's a quick and easy process.

  • How to Fix Burned Wire

  • Fix burned wire inside electrical boxes by replacing charred insulation. You can do this quickly and easily without pulling in new wires.

  • How to Repair a Table Lamp

  • In about 30 minutes you can repair the electrical wiring in almost any lamp—and make it safe as well.

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