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May 03, 11:26 PM [GMT -5]

I have a silly question but have have bad eyes as well lol.
When connecting the waterproof connectors, how did you splice the main wire from the transformer at every light?

December 17, 7:27 AM [GMT -5]

I installed three landscape lighting systems with three transformers for my place about 12 years ago. The advice given concerning use of wire nuts instead of the cheap insulation penetrating connectors supplied with most fixtures is sound. I have gone a step further by soldering connections that have failed instead of using wire nut connectors. The biggest issue I have had is corroded bulb bases in the fixtures themselves. I have addressed that by using a bit of dielectric grease on the prongs of bulbs before installing them as replacements for burned out lamps in my fixtures. I have rewired some of my fixtures with new bulb sockets as they get on with age and corrode instead of buying new replacement fixtures. I have also begun replacement of halogen lamps with LED lamps to reduce electric power consumption.

November 15, 9:46 PM [GMT -5]

Well you were right. Get a bigger transformer than you think you need! I finally broke down and got a 600w to replace 150w. Now I have seen the LIGHT! This was the BEST, helpful information out there. I need just one more light to the porch but now have the power to do it. LOVE my system

November 03, 7:25 PM [GMT -5]

I had bought a set of low voltage tulip light to light a path to my studio. Using the directions here I was able to put them in plus a light for my deck and have them up and running the first try. Great instructions and so much excellent help! I would not have tried it without these instructions. THANK YOU!

May 25, 3:17 PM [GMT -5]

My neighbors had lights installed in their yard last year. I think I'll add some of my own (myself!) and show them up!

May 10, 5:07 AM [GMT -5]

stunning garden landscape that may be enjoyed at night by the inventive

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Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

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