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March 15, 1:45 PM [GMT -5]

I have used the quick door hangers and they DO work with drywall hung on the wall. I still use shims after the door is in for support, but they are not needed to plum the door. The door hangers get the door perfect every time.

June 27, 12:45 PM [GMT -5]

Using shims is still the best method for plumbing a replacement door. The previous comments, from people actually just promoting their products, are fine IF the bare wall frame were exposed... they forgot, however, that this article is for REPLACING a door so there will be drywall still in place where their brackets would go.

December 19, 9:19 AM [GMT -5]

This is an outdated method for installing exterior doors. Bracket installation systems are much easier and faster then using shims for beginners. There available at Home Depot in the door aisle. Its called the Quick Door Hanger and is the same price as a pack of shims.

November 06, 10:32 AM [GMT -5]

The secret to a good exterior door installation is to make it water tight. Simply relying on caulking under the sill is a critical mistake. See how to install exterior doors properly http://www.ezhangdoor.com/exterior-door-installation-instructions

June 20, 7:42 PM [GMT -5]

wood replacements could really use a waterproof primer at top and (especially) bottom of door. Then there is the issue of installing a hook strip weatherstripping on the bottom of the door that requires trimming of doors bottom . Measure the old door diagonally to confirm the original is square and replacement could fit without "special" cuts. Examine original door for "splice" where wood has been added to make door fit a non standard opening. Mine was a 3'0 6'10 door. When using bronze weatherstripping
the door edges should be beveled.

June 10, 12:45 AM [GMT -5]

I am replacing an exterior door but I am not replacing it with a pre-hung door. Many of us have older homes which are more difficult to replace entire assemblies. I wish more of your articles would explain both pre-hung and replacement of the item, like the door itself. I have a brick house; many of your articles assume I can easily knock out the brick and then make the replacements. It is not as easy nor is it inexpensive.

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How to Replace an Exterior Door

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