Deck Railing

Repair or upgrade your deck railings with these tips and how-tos.

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  • Deck Railing Repair

  • Stiffen a wobbly deck railing by adding blocks along the rim joist. It's a quick and easy way to firm up the railing.

  • Repairing Decks and Railings

  • Easy fixes for common deck problems like rotten boards, wobbly railings and loose nails. Plus, see how to stiffen a bouncy, wobbly deck

  • No-Maintenance Deck Railings

  • Deck railings are available in a range of long-lasting materials, from wood/plastic composites to metal and glass. This article explains…

  • Outdoor Stair Railing

  • Decks and outdoor stairs can develop wobbly railings, often due to a wobbly bottom post. Here's how to do it right, without having to set the…

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