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July 16, 10:02 PM [GMT -5]

What material can be used that can withstand hail? We get a lot of hail in the summer. Just put a new roof on the deck, wonderful - totally cooled down the deck. Then three weeks later it hailed, twice in one week. Six holes, several cracks and the new filon (??) roof looks beaten. What can we use that will last a bit longer?

May 11, 4:39 PM [GMT -5]

Haven't done this one yet, still working on my basement. It definitely would be nice to have.

May 07, 6:43 AM [GMT -5]

Am interested in hearing from anyone who has successfully added one or more shade sails to their home ..esp to shade a deck.. Ours is on the south side of the home and..at 6700' elevation in Colorado..gets a lot of sun..to the point that the deck becomes too hot to enjoy sunny summer days.. The deck is 12' W by 33' L...don't feel I need to shade all of it..but would like to perhaps get a 20' width of protection.. Just added new composited decking so its protection is a consideration as well.. We have tall Ponderosa Pine trees 20' or so off the deck that could provide anchors for one side of sail.. tThe other..requiring attachment to the house...would be a bit more complicated.. The load factor on a say 12' wide by 20' long sail can be substantial..so proper / secure attachment to the house is paramount... I contacted a couple of shade sail suppliers ..but they weren't very responsive...?

December 19, 12:39 PM [GMT -5]

What a great idea! My patio furniture will be so much more enjoyable now. The can can get really hot on the metal chairs. http://duckcovers.com

June 14, 11:18 AM [GMT -5]

Hi, anyone interested in a low cost 3 season rain and shade system for a deck or patio. I designed a lean-to cover system for part of my above ground deck using heavy duty white tarp, in this case, 15 x 20 ft..I attached vertical support posts to the railing posts (3) and painted fence top rail with brackets at the top of the posts. On the house side I attached the rails (at a higher elevation bracketed directly to studs leaving a slight gap with a small wood block. The Tarp then is attached with short inexpensive bungee cords with plastic bulbs (available Ebay and other sources). I later added light weight rafters constructed from doubled 1x 4 (with 2 x 4 blocks between) redwood which I had on hand which simply hook over the fence rails on the house side and are screwed to the posts on the other side. Tarps are also available on Ebay and others but be sure to use good quality. My tarps usually run $30-$40, far less than Sunbrella or other materials but may only last 2-3 years due to UV deterioration in full sun as on my deck. The cover goes up in Spring and comes down in the late fall, before any snow. This system has worked great to reduce temperatures on the deck and provide significant rain protection and withstands high winds quite well, but still allows significant light. This system also provides a quite large unencumbered space, greater than the usual retractable canopy. As the "roof" as little weight, a free standing version for a patio cover would be quite possible with light wood construction using ground set posts.

March 15, 4:01 PM [GMT -5]

I love the pergola! That is such a beautiful structure. In addition to the vines, you could also consider adding shade cloth to the top of the structure. I have it over my back patio and it provides just the right amount of sunlight and protection. A couple of examples are here - http://www.backyardcity.com/shade/cloth/Shade-Cloth.htm

February 13, 5:13 AM [GMT -5]

Nice Project, It's really valuable data, Thanks for sharing these one.

July 30, 11:48 PM [GMT -5]

I'm interested in the deck cover design for protection from sun and rain via cover a timber frame with awning fabric or roofing material.
any further structure and awning material design detail available?
will the awning withstand snow? life expectancy?
How about metal or plastic alternatives?

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