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June 21, 4:44 PM [GMT -5]

To pjdan,
You don't have to nail in the boards but I just had to redo a floor because the previous owners did not nail them in and over time there was some spreading of the walls that caused the joists to pull out of hangers. what a mess.
As for your dad being a little reckless, my uncles and dad all seem to do ok with less fingers after using shortcuts. Of course heavy drinking always helps the numb the pain on the way to the hospital. good luck.

October 30, 7:19 PM [GMT -5]

Apparently my city doesn't require the joists to be nailed into the joist hangers. floating in the hangers is perfectly acceptable. My father in-law is building a deck and drilled pilot holes for all his 1 1/5 in 5p nails so that he wouldn't split the ledger before nailing the joist hangers. I would like comments on this as I argued with him about this and now he thinks I'm an idiot since the inspector passed everything with perfect scores.

I'd like to add that the frame is nailed together such that a 1/4 inch of the nails are left un-nailed, ie not fully hammered home. Also he tried cutting a half inch of the width of a 8' board tonight by using the circular saw like a router, ie sliding the saw sideways, perpendicular to the blade to shave off the amount he wanted, rather than ripping it on a table saw or ripping it with the circular saw. His think was that it was far too dangerous. Spent an hour doing this.

Please give me advice before he cuts off more than just a finger.

December 14, 11:24 PM [GMT -5]

Excellent article. A pneumatic nailer can be used instead of a hammer, following instructions for use. As a novice I've discovered traditional hammer nailing won't be a talent I'll be mastering, so I'm looking into the palm nailers. Also, though it may not belong per se in the article, it should be noted that a joist end needs to be within 1/8" of the header, to meet Simpson's specs, along with being fully seated in the hanger and plumb within some tolerance.


August 24, 7:22 AM [GMT -5]

I liked the article. The photos and accompanying instructions made it very clear what to do in most situations.

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How to Install Joist Hangers

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