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November 08, 2:03 PM [GMT -5]

Very thorough guidelines for creating a wall to wall closet. A great product to install for wall to wall closets is: http://www.closetwalls.com - they provide wall mounting closets that can be made at any custom size.

March 31, 5:59 AM [GMT -5]

This is exactly what I am doing with my foyer closet but I don't know what type of hardware to use. I don't need a lock. I don't have an astragal. I do want handles on both sides of both doors. How do I keep the doors closed and from swinging open?

February 12, 11:05 AM [GMT -5]

im trying to build a wall to hallway closet lol its a lil space we have behind our frontdoor that is unused and im trying to figure out how to frame it what doors to put in well pretty much everything since i have never ever done anything like this...plus i need help with the costs of materials and that pls help me other then that the step by step seems easy to understand but the closet is too big for my project and i dunno if i can just alter it to my needs

January 18, 8:09 AM [GMT -5]

If you're really tight on space to open the doors, 2 panel or mirrored bypass doors should work. That's what we have in our home and they're not that difficult to install.

January 17, 7:56 PM [GMT -5]

If you can't find the double doors they suggest. You could build your own ( http://www.bt3central.com/archive/index.php?t-31178.html ).You can definitely buy two door slabs and cut to fit.

January 09, 1:37 AM [GMT -5]

I am creating closets and the Raw space is 50" x 82" so I should be able to fit a double hun door set of 24" each door correct?

Where do I get the closet doors? Are they 2 seperate prehunt doors or are they sold as a set? I went to HomeDepot and she looked at me like I had a horn on my head.

September 20, 3:04 PM [GMT -5]

Wouldn't wood screws be a better choice than brittle drywall screws?

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How to Build a Wall-to-Wall Closet

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