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September 30, 3:50 AM [GMT -5]

Paid cleaning help can be a wonderful short-cut to a clean and organized home but if you want to do yourself then you have to think that how you can do that fast.
For fast cleaning Simplify Supplies
• light-duty evaporating cleaner (glass cleaner or multi-surface cleaner)
• heavy-duty degreasing cleaner
• tile cleaner
• powdered abrasive cleanser
These four simple products can handle any ordinary cleaning chore.

July 21, 12:32 AM [GMT -5]

Is this article paid for by Swiffer? The sweeper/vac is useless. It takes 24 hours to charge and will not even vacuum a medium sized room! How on earth is it going to clean the entire house? Waste of money. I have a B&B, and will argue with several of these "tips". I use a Miracle cloth for most of the cleaning I do, whether dusting, polishing mirrors or even celaning the sink. Swiffer dusters are not as god.

April 09, 12:45 PM [GMT -5]

These house hold tips for cleaning the house is going to be very helpful to me. I liked The Swiffer Sweeper Vac and feel it will do a better job than a broom and dustpan. I also like the Swiffer Duster which traps and lock the dust.

April 15, 12:37 AM [GMT -5]

Change your furnace filter -- I really like the 3M Allergan series and find that Costco carries them quite reasonably priced. The filter acts like the lungs to your house and can trap a lot of particulates which dramatically reduces the dust and surface dirt. I change my filter every other month in the summer and have my furnace properly cleaned every 3 years.

Makes such a huge difference to the amount of dust in the house. I live in Calgary which is quite dry and windy so lots of dust.

Check out Flylady.net - rubba scrubba makes short work of household grime, I love the rags in a bag -- yes, they do clean mirrors using the soft side and the rough side can clean everything else, FlyLady's Rubba Swisha toilet bowl brush is fantastic.

(Just a happy customer -- not a paid endorsement and have no affiliation with the company).

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