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August 25, 9:56 PM [GMT -5]

The ultimate for cleaning sinks, removing crust from around fixtures, scum from tubs, etc., especially good for stainless sinks? Also the best for glass. Denatured alcohol. The downside? Highly aromatic, and highly noxious. And expensive. But it leaves a superbly clean finish.

March 15, 11:49 AM [GMT -5]

Thanks nipomonancy! If cola can dissolve teeth, I am sure it can dissolve mineral deposits. I'll try this safe and inexpensive tip.

March 27, 7:25 PM [GMT -5]

The easiest and cheapest way to clean faucet scale deposits is to soak paper towels in white vinager and place the towels on the scale desposits. Wait 10 minutes, remove towels and wipe away anything that remains. Repeat as needed to remove all the desposit. You can reuse the paper towels, just resoak it in the white vinager.

February 12, 6:54 PM [GMT -5]

I found the magic solution.after years of blood, sweat, & tears. AND its much more eco friendly ( I think)
Remove all water from toilet bowl. I use a turkey baster (I do not use this kitchen tool for my holiday cooking) I line the dry toilet bowl with toilet paper, or kleenex, etc. Layer up the sides and under rim. Next the magic potion . . .Coca Cola
Pour at base and let it seep up the sides and more sheets to stick under rim. I sometimes use a spray bottle to mist the paper. Let it stay moist over night for really -really hard stains. In the Morning it wipes away to a new shiny porcelain.
To prevent quick build up I wax or polish the bowl to help repel stains.
You will thank me for this one !

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How to Remove Water Stains

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