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February 07, 2:28 PM [GMT -5]

i use car bondo on all wood corners, works better than caulking and has never cracked! plus once it is pliable it can be formed into what ever shape u need it to, but do this before it dries!

February 16, 4:02 PM [GMT -5]

I trimmed two rooms, a foyer and a long hallway in my last house (since sold) using this plan. The house was a prairie-style ranch so it was a no-brainer to use this trim scheme. Poplar lumber from the local big-box DIY stores was my wood of choice, finished using Sherwin Williams 'Plum Mahogany' wood stain (color SW3105-K). The resulting look was outstanding and I received a lot of compliments on the appearance of the finished rooms. I wish I would have taken pictures--the before/after difference was pretty dramatic.

February 16, 8:35 AM [GMT -5]

Could use use softwood furring strips to cut down on cost to do this? 1x4x8 strip is only $2 at the store.

February 16, 7:46 AM [GMT -5]

When doing trim that is painted it is easier to cover up the little mistakes and joints that are not perfect with caulk. This is good especiasly on older houses when the walls are not perfect. Painting trimwork is becoming popular again. When I look in magazines I see a lot of pretty nice color schemes with painted trim.

February 16, 7:32 AM [GMT -5]

To jenieJ87
I have done trim in wood and stained it in my houses all the time. This time I am doing the trimwork all painted. We bought an older farmhouse on acerage and old farm houses were always painted. I love the painted look also.

August 24, 1:49 AM [GMT -5]

What are your thoughts on using some of the mouldings shown here at Kuiken Brothers Moulding Design Guide. They are locally available, but are they true craftsman mouldings? They seem simple enough to me, but would like some feedback.

June 13, 8:07 PM [GMT -5]

My dad is doing this trim plan...ceiling and base mouldings...throughout his entire house. To save money he is using paint grade wood and painting the mouldings white. It also give the house a more modern look. It looks fantastic!!!! I love it so much I am going to do it my house. My house is much larger and it will take a lot of time, but it looks easy enough that with his guidance, I should be able to complete this on my own. I have ZERO experience with this. I am very excited.

May 31, 10:26 AM [GMT -5]

I plan to do this in my Craftsman dining room. This plan looks fabulous!

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