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January 24, 2:34 AM [GMT -5]

Well I like to remodel my bathroom, it is very long time that I didn't do any thing for my bathroom to redesign it. You give a fantastic idea for remodeling the bathroom. bathroom showrooms wirral

January 15, 12:00 PM [GMT -5]

Your plumbing details diagram looks great. I plan to help my daughter remodel her small bathroom. What software did you use to create it?

December 10, 3:36 PM [GMT -5]

Considering it, or a close variant. Love the above-floor sink and toilet. Awful lot of work,though--and a portable toilet of some sort is a necessity. Guess I'll wait 'til late spring, anyway.

August 24, 11:20 AM [GMT -5]

I want to know what all can be done. None of the rooms in the house have never ever been remodeled. I dont know when the house was built, but my dad bought the house in 1974. The bathroom is small with no window.

Most of the walls have OSB board behind them, and the fine little gravels inside the walls. It would be nice to remodel but I dont know anything about doing that. I dont want to start something and not knowing what Im doing.

February 13, 12:26 PM [GMT -5]

We have a similar bathroom, and it's the only bathroom for the house, so replacing the tub with a shower isn't really an option.

And where is the storage ? They mention a "small cabinet", but it's so small, it's not shown on any of the photos ...

January 22, 10:15 AM [GMT -5]

Our bathroom was similiar to that and the thing that made the biggest difference was getting rid of the bulky sink cabinet and replacing it with a pedestal type that freed up alot of space. We used an over the toilet shelf for any towels and stuff we had.

January 13, 6:57 AM [GMT -5]

We have a Pier and Beam house will we be able to complete this project with out cracks down the road ?

June 12, 3:45 PM [GMT -5]

where's the storage?

May 16, 12:46 PM [GMT -5]

I like the ideas. But I need a jackhammer to do the under floor plumbing.

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How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

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