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September 27, 12:08 PM [GMT -5]

Great work on the post thanks for the auto repair edmonton as well.

August 19, 9:47 PM [GMT -5]

OC Grab Bars - Handicap Bathroom Safety Grab Bar Installers

Grab bars are an essential part of any home where the occupant is elderly or has undergone joint surgery. Falls and accidents account for almost 60% of all injuries for people over 55 and nearly 80% for those over 70. The main problem is that with age, weakness in the joints and limbs can cause imbalance; since the joints are weaker it becomes almost impossible for an elderly person to steady themselves after losing balance.

OC Grab Bars in Orange County, California can provide a whole range of bathroom safety grab bar options to accommodate all of your home safety needs

Horizontal Grab Bars

By having horizontal grab bars installed it aids in giving you the ability to push upward or reach in from an entry point. Most people find it easier to push down on a grab bar than to pull on one, therefore horizontal grab bars are the most commonly used bars when sitting in a shower chair.

Diagonal Grab Bars

Diagonal Grab Bars are placed at a slight angle in order to enable someone with weak or painful arms and/or wrists. Diagonal Grab Bars aid in supporting his/her forearm on the bar while pushing upward, thus spreading the body weight over a larger area.

Vertical rails

Vertical Grab Bars are used to help pull oneself into a standing position. Grab bars are only as strong as the wall to which they are placed and the equipment that is used. OC Grab Bars will assess each shower for the best possible mounting position according to the wall strength or sub straight. After having an operation, especially knee, back or hip surgery; it is important to consider the coming months. Having grab bars installed can help prevent any further injuries due to instability or pain. In order to prevent further injury and surgery, OC Grab Bars can install grab bars around your home. OC Grab Bars can give you the piece of mind you deserve by helping you to still keep your independence throughout recovery.
If you or your families have any concerns or questions about having grab bars installed in your home, OC Grab Bars would be more than happy to answer all your questions in order to put your mind at ease. For more information visit

Joey Bolohan

August 19, 8:33 PM [GMT -5]

Hello All,
My name is Joey Bolohan with www.OCGrabBars.com on my web site i will show you how we install grab bars in most homes. The best mounts are the TOGGLER brand SNAPTOGGLE. for most tile installs. You can find them at the Homedepot or on line. for fiberglass installs the SNAPTOGGLE work well if it is a strong fiberglass unit and dose not have much flex in the walls. If the walls have a lot of flex i would suggest WingIts http://www.wingits.com/ but do be aware avoid being close to a stud because you need to drill a 1 1/4" inch hole and need about another 3/4 of an inch to let it expand behind the wall with out hitting any thing like a stud, vent pipe, electrical and so on. If you fell like this is to much you could always higher a professional like www.OCGrabBars.com to come and install it for you. I am happy to answer any questions you might have on this topic on my website.

Thanks Joey Bolohan

June 12, 3:39 PM [GMT -5]

Great information with good step by step instructions that can show anyone how to do a great job. I got my grab bars from www.ocelco.com and this article was perfect for showing me how to set them up!

July 07, 4:10 AM [GMT -5]

For anyone who is wondering (like I was) where to find the mounting kit for fiberglass tubs.... I found the name of the product is "The Solid Mount™". I have found it at several places online. The lowest price I have found was $23.99 for a pair.
Once I get some, the installation should be a snap.

June 28, 4:36 AM [GMT -5]

Thanks for allowing me to leverage the experiences of others to make this task quick and simple.

You made my home safer.

June 03, 1:25 PM [GMT -5]

who is the manufacture of the special anchor kit for fiberglass showers featured in this article.

I have called all around the area and no one has this type for a fiberglass enclosure mounts

June 03, 1:24 PM [GMT -5]

who is the manufacture of the special anchor kit for fiberglass showers featured in this article.

I have called all around the area and no one has this type for a fiberglass enclosure.

October 26, 4:26 PM [GMT -5]

I am still working on the project.

I have six holes to drill in marble and it is taking about 10 hours to drill one hole using drill bits for masony.


October 26, 2:05 PM [GMT -5]

Your instructions appear to install the grab bar "on" the ceramic tile. My tile has not been installed yet. Should the grab bar be installed "before" installing the tile?????

October 05, 6:12 PM [GMT -5]

If you are adding grab bars to a ceramic tile wall be prepared for a challenge. HD has a diamond drill bit for about $12 that involves a water attachment that flushes out
the waste. If you are coordinated enough to make this work, then you could have made a lot more money as a brain surgeon. On the other hand it does cut through the tile rather well.

Nice idea to mount the bars to studs. Unfortunately, that might place the bars where you don't want them. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

May 25, 11:20 AM [GMT -5]

who is the manufacture of the special anchor kit for fiberglass showers featured in this article.

May 08, 8:54 PM [GMT -5]

Very helpful tips and info......great magazine also!

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How to Install Bathroom Grab Bars

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