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May 14, 11:12 AM [GMT -5]

I wanted to know what is used for covering the window well -- winter in WI would mean it would fill up with snow otherwise. Not desirable

September 16, 7:25 AM [GMT -5]

Great overview of terraced window-well.

One small material change I would recommend is switching to a 50-year polyurethane sealant as it will give a longer life and better performance than the silicone in this situation.

Project on...

April 02, 4:49 PM [GMT -5]

Great Idea from Family Handman Magazine. When we built our house, I had used this very same design to place a terraced window well in out basement. Since it was new construction, I was able to have the concrete contractor frame the opening for our window size.

The installation is pretty straight forward as the article suggests with a couple of hints. First off, I would not recommend a casement window in this design for a couple of reasons. First, if you live in a northern state where is snows, you may not be able to open your window in an emergency. Second, the design of a casement window leaves the window susceptible to damage by standing snow in the window well. How do I know this...it happen to me. Our house has complete casement windows by Pella. I ordered an exact window for the basement so they would all match. After 5 years, the window started to swell and needed to be replaced. The window was under warranty which was great, however, I decided to replace the window with a slider to alleviate the snow hazard.

The only other consideration is that you may be required to place a fence around your window well. We were able to use a low (24") garden fence and landscaping to satisfy the building department as they were concerned with someone falling into the hole.

January 16, 2:19 PM [GMT -5]

The timing was excellent. Completion of the project comes when the weather cooperates. Our existing terraced window well, installed as a part of construction, is showing signs of needing replacement.

Our existing well has one terrace. I think the design you have is more appealing and provides an easier egress, if it's ever needed.

I'll let you know how my project works out.

Don Schmidt
Fargo ND


April 19, 3:01 PM [GMT -5]

Thanks for posting this! That is definitely a way to remodel your basement window well, I have to say. Great pictures too! I love this project. Thanks, Castle - http://andersoncovers.com -

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How to Install a Terraced Window Well in Your Basement

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