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June 29, 7:55 AM [GMT -5]

We had our drain tile system "repaired" several years ago. We still see evidence of some damp blocks at the floor level. Looking at the cutaway picture and reading this article, I now know the repair was not done correctly. There are only two holes per block, and none of them are in the mortar joints to relieve that cavity.

We do have the plastic wall edging and it sticks up above the floor a few inches. If I bend it down to get a hammer drill into the joints, and into main cavities also, will that allow water to make it into the drain field and stay off the floor?

I don't have wet floor issues, I can just tell the blocks are not fully drained into the system. I would drill the blocks at floor level and then bend the edging back up to contain and direct any seepage into the drain field. Looking at your cutaway picture it seems like it might work.

I prefer to not bust up the floor again.

Thank you.

June 02, 12:23 AM [GMT -5]

One big IMPORTANT detail was left out. The weep holes in the blocks need to be in every cell of the block and into the MORTAR JOINTS as well. The joint between two blocks creates a cell and needs a weep hole. Most blocks have 2 or 3 internal cells and the ends create cells at the joint. This gets over looked very often in these systems causing them to not work properly. 5/8" is more than acceptable for a hole size.

April 11, 5:45 PM [GMT -5]

You can find some tips from this site and if they do not have a dealer in your area....they will sell you what you need. www.dryupbasement.com

Good Luck


February 24, 10:52 AM [GMT -5]

Where can I buy the floor edging?? I cant find it anywhere.

February 07, 11:06 AM [GMT -5]

can any tell me where to find the floor edging

February 06, 11:50 AM [GMT -5]

can I just put a sumpump and it will take care of the problem ? I can see the water coming through between the bolckes when it rain ?

May 10, 8:32 PM [GMT -5]

You can also use an above the floor baseboard waterproofing system and not have to break up the basement floor. http://waterproof.com

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Drying a Wet Basement

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