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Change a Tire: Two Jacks Make it Easy

Lift your trailer wheel by pulling it onto these jacks. It's quick and easy. No moving parts.

By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine

Roll 'n' rock trailer jack

So you’ve thought ahead and bought a spare tire for your trailer—good so far. But if you think you can just use your car jack to do the heavy lifting, think again. Most car jacks won’t raise the trailer high enough, and hydraulic jacks are heavy and take up a lot of space. That’s why these special lightweight jacks really come in handy.

The wedge-shaped aluminum EZ Jack (about $80 from cabelas.com) is perfect for trailers with tandem wheels. First, loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire first. Then wedge the EZ Jack under the good front tire and pull the entire trailer forward (or place it on the back wheel and drive backward if it’s a flat front tire). Then chock the opposite side. Swap out the tires, then toss the lightweight jack (9 lbs.) back in your truck and you’re good to go.

EZ Jack

EZ Jack

Close-up of EZ Jack

Close-up of EZ Jack

Roll 'n' Rock Tandem Trailer Jack

No lifting! Simply back the trailer onto the jack.

Easy Lift Jack for single-axle trailer

The Easy Lift Jack (available through our affiliation with amazon.com about $32) is perfect for boat and utility trailers (up to 2 tons). First, loosen the lug nuts on the flat tire. Then match up the cutout portion on the jack to the trailer axle. Wedge the teeth along the circular edge into the road and pull the trailer forward. Expect some skidding until it bites into the road surface. Once it’s raised, block the other wheel with a wheel chock and swap the tires.

Easy Lift Jack in action

Easy Lift Jack in action

Close-up of Easy Lift Jack

Close-up of Easy Lift Jack

Easy Lift Jack for Single-Axle Trailer

Set the jack under the axle and pull the trailer forward.

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December 28, 5:32 PM [GMT -5]

Using the Roll n' Rock jack for a tandem axle trailer. The picture with this tip looks as though it was placed IN FRONT of the tire and the trailer pulled forward onto the jack, while the text says to BACK ONTO THE JACK

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Change a Tire: Two Jacks Make it Easy

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