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July 24, 5:09 PM [GMT -5]

Update: I ordered the mirror on Ebay and it cost 32.00 with free shipping. Arrived today and I went straight out to the garage and an hour later I have it on! And it looks just like the original !! I'm so proud of myself :) After taking off the door panel, I realized I never had to take it off - the wiring and screws for the mirror were all above the door panel. So that was a waste of time ... everything else was just like the video another user posted. Thanks again for this article, you saved me time and money and I know how to do again if needed.

July 21, 7:40 PM [GMT -5]

Thank you for this article!! I just trashed my side mirror this morning backing out the garage. I've been stressing all day about the possible cost but then I came across this article. My husband is gone until next month, so I'm going to tackle this on my own - But the comments give me confidence :) Wish me luck.

October 11, 3:03 PM [GMT -5]

Here's a great how to video that will walk you through the repair process.

June 15, 5:29 PM [GMT -5]

So... I am a 29 year old "girl." I looked online for my broken mirror's replacement. I found one fore $39.95 with free shipping. I paid $7 for spray paint and I purchased none of the tools mentioned. I had never done anything like this, never! I was scared that I was going to break something and cost myself more money. But after two hours, and one fight with my husband because he thought I was going to do more harm than good, it was done! And looks perfect!

The hardest part was getting the mirror itself off and trying to understand how the fasteners worked on the door panel. It felt fantastic to know that I did it and I didn't have to go somewhere and pay $200-300 for someone else to do what I did for less than $50!

May 26, 10:27 AM [GMT -5]

This was completely helpful! I was able to change my mirror like a pro. Now I can tell my husband "Don't worry, I can do it myself!

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Replace a Broken Side View Mirror

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