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March 18, 12:40 AM [GMT -5]

on self propelled mowers, the self propel hardware usually blocks or covers up the oil drain plug on the underside of the deck/engine. easier to just drain the oil out through the oil dipstick tube by tilting the mower on it's side. will give the same result as far as changing the oil. also it is best to use 30 weight oil. 10w30 oil sometimes especially in the southern states will cause engine to run too hot and will make it hard to start when hot. 30 weight does a lot better protection agains heat in the southern states. I am sure 10w30 will do fine in the cooler climates . -thanks.

July 21, 7:05 PM [GMT -5]

1. Place a dab of dielectric grease on the spark plug tip (tip only) before replacing the wire. (dielectric is right. in grease it means it aligns with current, not insulates)
2. Use auto wheel cleaner over the entire mower, only when cool, and hose it off strongly; you'd be amazed at the nooks and crannies that get filled with dirt/gunk. (Stuff that will keep it from running next spring). Putting a plastic bag over the air intake won't hurt.
3. Since cleaning a carb correctly is beyond this, if the machine is more than 2 seasons old, run some carb cleaner in the next tank of gas. Get the proportions right.
4. Buy a little blade sharpener (drill or manual) at the big box stores and touch up your blades. They'll last much longer. (disconnect the plug. AND BLOCK THE BLADE WITH A PIECE OF WOOD; you do that by jamming the blade and the wood piece where they can't move.)
5. Lubricate your cables. Seriously. They stretch less and will delay a tune up. Pour some very lightweight oil (NOT WD40) into the top ends; a piece of duct tape will make a good funnel, just keep the sticky side out.

July 07, 5:08 PM [GMT -5]

when tuning up a lawn mower, never spray wd40 unless you plan on hosing off mower. I did it once and nearly caught a tractor on fire.

June 22, 6:00 PM [GMT -5]

Spark plug wire should be disconnected before working under mower

June 22, 5:58 PM [GMT -5]

Spark plug wire should be disconnected before working under mower

June 22, 5:58 PM [GMT -5]

Spark plug wire should be disconnected before working under mower

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