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July 19, 12:21 AM [GMT -5]

Don't start the engine, after oil/filter change and RACE the engine. Give it a second, at idle, to build oil pressure back up. I like to pull a coil wire so the engine won't start and crank it until the oil pressure warning light goes out.

Have some oil absorber (kitty litter, even sawdust) handy so if you do spill any oil on the drive way, you can soak it up before it sinks into the pavement.

July 18, 12:19 PM [GMT -5]

Oh, dear. You are perpetuating the myth of the 3,000 mile oil change? This number was selected as an advertising device because it was less than any car warranty required change interval, in order to support the quick lube industry and get forgetful people to come in before the actual interval. Your vehicle needs an oil change no more than the standard or severe service change interval in the owner's manual, both of which are more than 3K.

Where is there any supporting documentation for the idea that basic filters only last 3,000 miles? Does ANY filter manufacturer state this? Of course not! Basic filters are designed to last for at least the manufacturer's warranty required change interval, plus a considerable safety margin- and as we already know, there is no 3K mile change interval from ANY car manufacturer.

The only knock on basic filters is the bleedback valves don't work that great, but this can be a flaw when new, it is not a wear or mileage issue.

I was disappointed that pre-filling oil filters was not mentioned. Most oil filters fail the first moments an engine is run after a fillup, when cold thick pressurized oil hits one side of the paper filter element and the other side has only air in it. You then run the vehicle for the entire change interval without any filtration. You also start the vehicle right after the oil change for 15-30 seconds with no oil pressure (no, the bleedback and bypass valves do NOT help in this case). By pre-filling the oil filter, you prevent filter failure and get oil pressure almost instantly.

January 29, 9:40 PM [GMT -5]

Nice walkthrough, I have my own little how-to video on changing your oil here:
Hope you find it useful!

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DIY Car Maintenance - How to Change Your Car Oil Yourself

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