DIY Oil Change

Don't pay someone to change your oil. Do it yourself.

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  • How to Change Car Oil

  • Regular oil changes prolong the life of your car. Save time and money by doing this 20-minute job yourself. And you'll know that it was done…

  • Car Care: How to Pour Oil

  • Believe it or not, there's a right way and a wrong way to pour oil from a plastic bottle into your car's engine. By holding the container…

  • What Does Motor Oil Do?

  • Learn what's new in motor oil (a lot!), what oil does and doesn't do, how often you need to change it and how the right type can help your…

  • How to Remove a Stubborn Oil Filter

  • Get a better grip on stuck oil filters by adding a strip of coarse sandpaper to your oil filter wrench...or buy a special high-grip wrench.

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