DIY Car Painting

Fix scratches, dings, chips and how to protect your car's paint with these DIY how-tos.

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  • Car Care: Protect Your Car's Paint

  • Protect the finish on your car hood and mirrors from flying road debris with a special rubbery film. With a little practice you can apply it…

  • Should You Buy Car Paint Sealant?

  • Paint sealant is a good idea, but you can easily apply it yourself and save the cost of a dealer or detailing specialist application.

  • Car Paint Repair: Touch Up Painting

  • Remove and repair flakes, chips, dents, dings and scratches on your car's finish before the rust sets in. It takes just a few minutes of your…

  • How to Apply Paint Protection Film

  • Formerly a pros-only product, paint protection film is now available in easy-to-apply spray-on kits. An expert from 3M shows how to do it.

  • How to Repair Chipped Car Paint

  • Take care of chips and dings in your car or truck before it's too late. Let it go and they'll turn to rust before your eyes. Then…

  • How to Remove Paint Scratches

  • Car paint scratches all too easily, but you can easily remove shallow paint scratches yourself with polishing compound, sandpaper and polishing…

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