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Car Repair Tips for Fast Fixes

Even if you're not a car-geek, doing some simple, basic maintenance on your vehicle will keep it out of the shop and extend its life. Here's a collection of 10-minute fixes you can easily do to your car that will save you money immediately or prevent future repair bills.

Coolant change

Change your fluids regularly

Cabin air filter

Test your coolant

Clean your headlights

Clean corroded battery terminals

Defroster grid out of action

Don't mix different types of coolants

An easy avoidable “oops”

Green, yellow, red, orange and blue coolants create cool “mud” when mixed. Cost of a new heater core: $400 to $1,000.

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September 11, 1:24 PM [GMT -5]

As a Dealership technician, be very careful about easy outs, if they break you will need to drill it out and tap the threads. Use lubricant on the easy out, like a good rust penetrant and take it steady.

September 09, 4:07 AM [GMT -5]

This is yet another fantastic article. Get most of that already done, except for the coolent, so it will be something I do before winter.. and also the cabinet filter, I wonder if that is why my air stopped in my other vehicle.. something to check.. Thank you again for wonderful hints!

September 08, 10:58 PM [GMT -5]

Use an EZ Out or screw extractor to get the rest of the bolt. They seel these at DIY stores.

August 07, 10:08 AM [GMT -5]

My son break a screw from the below the transmision how i can remove the rest of the screw wich is brock in side the transmision please some body can help me thankyou

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Car Repair Tips for Fast Fixes

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