13 Cool Tools Every Shop Needs

A garage mechanic’s wish list

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Chemicals to Keep on Hand

If you're going to do repair work, you simply have to keep some basic lubricants and special chemicals on hand. Here's what every shop should have.

  • Lithium grease for latches and hinges.
  • Brake cleaner for removing oil and grease from metal parts.
  • Rust penetrant for removing rusted fasteners.
  • Dry lubricant for lubricating metal to metal, and metal to plastic or rubber.
  • Electronic parts cleaner for dissolving corrosion on electrical connectors.
  • Anti-seize lubricant to prevent nuts and bolts from seizing in place.
  • Dielectric grease to repel water in electrical connections and prevent corrosion.
  • Silicone spray to lubricate windows and weather stripping.

Essential cleaners and lubricants

Keep your tools within reach with a rolling cart

Must-have socket accessories

Save your knuckles with air power

LED light fits in tight places

Grab one glove at a time