Car Brakes

Learn how to check and fix your car's brakes.

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  • Changing Brake Fluid

  • Test your brake fluid and do a partial replacement quickly and easily to restore it. You just need a test kit, a baster and fresh fluid.

  • How to Check Brakes

  • Even if you have no experience repairing cars, you can check your brake pads and the condition of the rotors with these simple how to…

  • How to Check Brake Fluid

  • Check your car's brake fluid to make sure the corrosion inhibitor hasn't worn out. It protects the steel brake lines from rust.

  • DIY Brake Tips

  • Improve brake performance and extend wear by using new high temperature grease to lubricate the moving parts. It dissipates heat better and…

  • How to Change Front Brake Pads

  • Changing front brake pads is simpler than replacing rear disc brakes, and if you have experience doing basic repairs the job will take about 4…

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