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November 11, 4:14 AM [GMT -5]

Tip to make the access to the attic warmer. Build a box out of pink rigid isolation and put it over the access door inside of the attic. Make the box the same height as the insulation in the attic. This will stop cold air in the attic from setting on the top side of the access door. You get a dead air space above the access door.

October 24, 4:09 PM [GMT -5]

Hey, what do I do about the two wind turbines that ventilate my attic. They are on a mansard roof? You never mentioned attic vents.

December 21, 9:10 AM [GMT -5]

I just moved into a house that desperately needs this work done in the attic, thanks for the article. I have a question though, what is the best way to go about sealing a drop-down ladder and an attic fan?


November 27, 10:34 AM [GMT -5]

This is one of the best articles on saving energy. I think much more important than new furnace etc..
It should be repeated every other year with updates. I refer to the Vermont guide
to show how to seal around a metal chimney flue.

Go into your attic You would be amazed what the inspectors don't find.


October 07, 2:39 PM [GMT -5]

Spiker - glad to hear this worked for you. I really need to get around to doing this.

April 26, 8:55 PM [GMT -5]

Great advice. I added insulation to my attic 2 years ago and recovered the cost in one year from lower heating bills.

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How to Seal Attic Air Leaks

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