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July 22, 10:07 PM [GMT -5]

We had plenty of soffit vents, problem was, the builder didn't cut them any bigger than a door knob! We had a roofer come out & take out all the soffit grills, and recut all 24 soffits to the size they were supposed to be! This along was a HUGE improvement, and the roofer only charged us $150 to recut them all. (first & second story soffits.) Then we reroofed, added PolarAlum radiant barrier on top of roof, under shingles. Took out all the passive vents the builder used, and put in 2 solar attic vents w/ 110 electric back up, (for after sundown - we live in Texas & it's still ridiculously hot after sunset) The solar vents have a remote control that shows temp & humidity in the attic. We can change the temperature that the fans kick in on. 85 degrees is what the manufacturer recommended - so thats what we've been using. GREAT in that our air-conditioner runs a lot less - as opposed to the last 10 yrs, when it was non-stop in June, July, August & Sept. Electric bill substantially lower - house much cooler. Love the solar attic vent- can only get from Costco Warehouse. Highly recommend!

July 06, 7:55 PM [GMT -5]

All contractors agree, the number one problem with Attic Ventilation is clogged, dirty Soffit vents. It’s a FACT… All attic efficiency items like radiant barriers, insulation, attic fans etc… WILL NOT perform without sufficient consistent intake air!
Finally, there is a one time solution for the life of the home. Superior Soffit Systems offers the Only Serviceable, Cleanable and Reusable soffit vent system. Check out this product at www.Superiorsoffit.com.

June 03, 2:58 PM [GMT -5]

I found this article to be very helpful. I liked the idea of popping a nail between the rafters before hand. One piece of advice.....do it on a cool day! I think I lost 20 pounds up on my roof.

August 23, 1:22 PM [GMT -5]

Even after installing a roof radiant barrier, and adding a barrier to the attic floor, I find myself needing more then 3 roof vents to cover a 1500+ sq foot, and without soffit
Thank you for the education on DIY attic venting, I'll wait til it cools.

April 27, 7:34 AM [GMT -5]

Need to do this on my house

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