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August 28, 10:24 AM [GMT -5]

My Kenmore 90 dryer works, albeit slowly. The dryer came with the house I bought 3 years ago & frankly has always worked slowly. Now for about a week, it is LOUD when it tumbles. Noticed a part INSIDE the dryer says "REPLACE' in red letters. Looks like an extra filter or something? Unsure? It can be pulled out of the dryer tumbler. I have had the dryer repaired last year & lint removed from the dryer vent. The SAME part said 'REPLACE' last year as well. Then the dryer would NOT tumble. At least now it does tumble, though again LOUDLY! Going to REPLACE said part for now & shall be in the market for a new dryer SOON!

March 21, 5:23 AM [GMT -5]

i have a whirlpool model le6150xsw0. it runs a few minutes time still on but dryer stops.if i wait a few minutes it will start again but within a couple min stops i have checked continuity to the fuse thermostat and coil iam at a lost any help appreciatd

November 21, 7:04 AM [GMT -5]

Unusual Noises:
Trying to figure out an intermittent squeak and "clanging" while the dryer drum rotates.

Disassemble the dryer (including the drum) and removed all the lint - especially rotating parts.

Disassemble the "blades" on the drum - removed lint and found a penny and dime - causes of the clanging!

Upon inspection and cleaning of the drum slide glides - noticed they were very thin - worn after 18 years of use - ordered a set of glides (top set, weight bearing). The other set was cleaned but still in very good shape.

Reassemble - squeaking gone and no more clanging! Waiting for the glides to arrive...

August 21, 3:03 PM [GMT -5]

My electric dryer heats, rotatesand I blew out all excess lint from the exhaust and lint filter. But it takes forever to dry and it seems like it doesn't push out exhaust air like it used to. What am I missing?

April 12, 12:30 PM [GMT -5]

Very good and simple intructions! My thermal fuse needed replaced, which is exactly what the article anticipated it to be. I would add to the article to check the timer. Really enjoyed diagnosing and repairing my dryer!

February 16, 12:57 PM [GMT -5]

Older models of Whirlpool (Kenmore) dryers have a tentioner that can fly off when the belt breaks, There are perhaps three dozen ways to install the belt/idler... only one is correct and useable. Should you have the dryer available to remove the rear panel, do so. Then mark the slot the idler is in and make a drawing of idler orientation, etc. This will save much time and agravation should the belt break.

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