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September 14, 11:51 PM [GMT -5]

My gas dryer wouldn't heat enough to dry clothes. Following the schematic (I save them all), I lifted the top of the dryer and found four thermostats. Having no idea which was dead, nor how many, I pulled them all, took them to the local Sears parts store, plunked them down on the counter and asked the clerk for four replacements. He asked if my husband had told me which one was bad. After I told him there was no husband involved and to simply sell me the thermostats, he apologized. brought out a box of them. I took them home and plugged them in. My only problem was when re-attaching the gas line, I had to call my cousin's husband over to tighten the connection with my pipe wrench. He turned it about an eighth of an inch and boom! On came the heat.

January 23, 8:54 PM [GMT -5]

I got my parts at http://www.pricedrightparts.com They are cheap on OEM parts and quick shipping. Anyway just wanted to give them some kudos. Thanks

September 30, 10:22 AM [GMT -5]

Great instructions on gas oven. My igniter tested OK with OHM meter BUT would only glow "white" in one spot and "dull red" every where else. Replaced igniter and now it workes.

April 29, 8:24 AM [GMT -5]

I Think it to be a good house hold comment

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